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The Next Move is the membership class at Word of Grace. This process is for you to learn more about WOG and discover if perhaps God is leading you to be a part of this church family! *Each person taking the classes will need to take their own class individually and fill out the required information individually.

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Welcome to Step One titled,

This step is taught by
Pastor Stephen Maris. Feel free to grab  your Bible and a notepad to take some notes as start taking the first step, to learn about who we are and what our values are. Watch each video before starting step 2

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Welcome to Step Two entitled,

This step is taught by
Pastor Stephen Maris. This class is directied at what we belive at Word of Grace. Watch each video before moving on to step 3 


Thank you for completing our online membership class. To complete your member status, click on the button below and fill out the "Membership Form". Once you are finished, you will be contacted by a Word of Grace staff member.