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Pastoral Search Update

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Dear Word of Grace family,

The pastoral search committee made our first appearance before the church this past Sunday, the 7th. Many of you had great comments for us, but a few of you expressed some confusion about our search. I hope in this blog I can clarify some things.

At Word of Grace we are in a season of change and change is not always easy; sometimes it even hurts. This season at WOG is an opportunity for us to grow in our faith, to seek God's will, and to see where God wants each of us. What does that mean? It means we need to take time to get

away from everyday routines and pray, pray, pray:

  • Pray for Pastor Derik and Pastor Keith and their families as they transition to other places.

  • Pray for our church, that we would draw closer to God and to each other.

  • Pray for what God has for you to do at WOG in this next season.

  • Pray for the search committee. Pray that God would reveal his will concerning the Sr. Pastor position in this next season at WOG.

  • Pray for Pastor Stephen and his family. Pray that God would prepare him for his new roll as interim Pastor. Pray that God would strengthen his marriage. Pray that he would put Katie and their two girls as his number one priority behind Jesus. Yes!!! The Pastor's family needs to take priority over his position at WOG. This is not easy to do but it is essential.

We as a search committee are humans; we aren't perfect. Sometimes we mean to say one thing and something else comes out. We may not do things the way others think they should be done. For this, I ask for your grace and mercy. We are in a position for which only God can equip us. Sometimes we find ourselves getting in the way of His will. We prayerfully seek His wisdom, guidance, mercy and forgiveness.

The search for a new pastor may require us to search outside of our church and yet look at the possibilities within, as well. This is the structure of our search:

  1. Search for God's will. Number 1!!

  2. Develop pastoral qualifications.

  3. Conduct a search, using church job posting websites or other means as necessary.

  4. Review candidate's applications and resumes.

  5. Narrow the candidates down to just a few that we feel would fit the "culture" of WOG, meet the qualifications set forth, and have the full support of their families.

  6. Have Phone/Zoom interviews with the candidates that we feel are the best fit for WOG.

  7. Find the one best candidate from our interviews.

  8. Once again pray for God's will to be sure we have clarity in our choice.

  9. Have the best candidate paticipate in a formal interview with the search committee, board, and the staff.

  10. Present the final candidate to the church.

  11. Hold an informal candidate Q&A session for the staff, and then the church, to get better acquainted with the final candidate.

  12. Have the final candidate teach at the Sunday morning services.

  13. Ask people to pray for clarity as they consider their vote.

  14. Have the members of Word of Grace vote for the Sr. Pastor with the Holy Spirit's leading.

  15. If two thirds or more of the members are in favor of the final candidate, the Board of trustees will offer the position to that candidate.

Please note: Only Word of Grace members are allowed to vote. If you are unsure of your membership status at WOG, please contact the church office.

I hope this clarifies the pastoral search for you.

Please continue to pray for us as we embark on this journey.

Carl Vollrath

Search Committee Chairman

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