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May 6 Search Update

Dear WOG Family,

As we mentioned this past Sunday, we have taken the past few weeks to seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom about each applicant. We have prayerfully narrowed the field down to just a few candidates, and we are going to interview them over the next couple weeks. Please pray for the candidates as we talk to them further—that God would be leading each candidate as well. We want to be sure that the person we put before the church is truly the right person for the next season at WOG.

We also ask that you pray for the search committee: for unity, discernment, and wisdom. We want to make sure we are listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and not to the voice of a stranger (the enemy). Remember the enemy hates the things of God. He wants to lead us astray and not to be in Godly unity as believers. He certainly doesn't want us to find a pastor who will teach the uncompromising Word of God. We are praying that God would continue to give us clarity and direction.

All that matters is that at the end of this process, we will have done God's will and that He will be glorified. Thank you for your support as we walk through this process together.

Please reach out to us if you have concerns or questions.

Have a blessed week.

Carl Vollrath


Pastoral Search Committee

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