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Making Room by Moving WOG Forward

Recently we announced some exciting improvements that are coming to Word of Grace because we want to make room for more people to hear the Gospel and for eternity to be impacted! I wanted to take the time to write a more detailed version about those announcements here. In January of this year, 2019, I announced that we were going to focus on growing in maturity as a church by taking our faith more seriously than ever before. We launched our first series of the year to set the tone for the year called, "Serious Faith". We followed that by taking a deep dive into a campaign called, "The Real God". We have grown so much spiritually this year and it shows! Maturity is reflected in the commitment and actions we take, not just in more knowledge acquired. Our church family has taken some BIG actions this year and there are so many great individual stories that I've heard this year that encourage and inspire me as the pastor at WOG.

I am excited to announce that we are making some big updates to the exterior and interior of our church building and we are able to do it without taking on debt and without asking our congregation for a cent! We have an awesome staff and board that have stewarded the resources of our church in a way to be able to do this. It is the generosity of our church and the provision of God that has made this possible. First I want to talk about the "why" on this particular project. There are a lot of reasons that we are using our church resources to do this project and everything we are doing has a specific purpose. So HERE IT IS!!!!!!!...... ....TA-DA!!!!!

In this mock-up, I want to point out the parts that are changing and why the change is being made. 1. The awning is extended to the south. Our awning in its current condition has water damage and issues from a harsh winter. When the awning was originally installed, our roof was not accurately pitched to properly drain the water effectively enough after the winter. We recently learned how extensive the damage was after the winter of 2019, which saw a lot of snow and ice. This would need to be done regardless of any aesthetic changes. The extension is to create more coverage for people to walk under and we will also slope the sidewalks so that there will no longer be a step-off where people can trip and fall. Also this will enable wheel-chair access along the entire covered area. The awning will stretch out and end about where our cafe begins inside to give you an idea of how much it is extended if you are familiar with the interior of our facility. 2. The entry doors are moved. Our current entry point is actually the smallest point in the building right next to our WOGKids check-in. This creates a big pinch point in traffic flow in and out of the building. Moving the entry doors to this new location enables us to extend the offices and create more space and creates a better traffic flow. The entry doors will sit flush with the outer edge of the awning so that the vestibule doesn't come into the building. There will also be single doors on the sides of the vestibule and push buttons for wheel-chair access. 3. The extension of windows. This allows for more natural light in our building (which is very dark). The windows will extend all the way to where our entry doors are currently and the opposite direction to about where the cafe counter begins. 4. Color changes explained. The dark gray color on the lower portion of the building will be painted masonry that will rise about 4 feet up the building. This prevents our current stucco material on the exterior from receiving more water damage from water splashing up from the sidewalks when it rains and will be more aesthetically interesting. The dark gray color on the awning is to provide contrast Masonry will go up about four feet but then flow into the stucco material the rest of the way up. The dark gray spots on the lighter gray are the lights for the building that are currently installed. They are painted for contrast. The long lighter gray pipes are existing drainage/water runoff pipes. 5. The wood-like portions. These will provide contrast with the taller stack out front with the logo being a taller attractant to get people driving by to notice and it communicates excellence and a modern style to our building that people will recognize our branding throughout our area. The logo will light up at night as well.

6. Interior changes. The small half-wall in the cafe area will be removed to create better traffic flow and open up our space. The TeamWOG cabinet will be changed into the TeamWOG wall where we can have our huddle and also make access to the lanyard easier with more hooks. The wall will be most likely added on the Mommy and Me room's exterior wall. Guest services will be removed and turned into a mobile counter on wheels that can be relocated wherever needed. It will be a straight counter instead of curved to save space and prioritize traffic flow. Offices will be added where the current offices are located on the north end of the building. The offices will absorb the current vestibule and extend about 10 feet south of the vestibule. A media room and office/storage space will be added by the restrooms in the space opposite the men's restroom exterior wall and we will create a small space for a washer/dryer combo. We will also carpet all of the flooring in the church lobby to match the Commons area carpet. We will re-carpet the WOGKids hall because it is time!

We believe that these changes will extend the life of our building and also put us in a great position for at least 15 years before anything major like this would need to be done to the exterior of the building. Although we are not asking the congregation to give towards this project, if you would like to give financially towards it you certainly can! Designate your offering or giving online to "WOGForward". My hope is that this helps answer any questions and makes the changes and more importantly, the why behind those changes clear. Thank you for your prayers, support and involvement at Word of Grace! We are making room by saying yes now to BIG things!

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