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Lead Pastor Search Updates

Check back here often for updates from our search committee concerning next steps in our process of searching for a lead pastor. Currently, our search committee is made up of members of the board of advisors and trustees. Our search committee chairperson is Carl Vollrath. Carl has been a member of the church since the beginning over 35 years ago. He has served faithfully as the sound engineer at WOG during most of his time at the church.

Other members of this team include: Jamie Hubbard, Tami Brown, Troy Genke, David VanDixhorn, Phil Herman and David Vroom.

As this process unfolds, please be in prayer for our church and this team. The members of the church are the ones who officially "hire" the next lead pastor of WOG. The members vote and affirm by a 2/3 majority, the person the search committee presents to the congregation as their choice. If you are uncertain of your membership status, please reach out to the church office for verification at least two weeks before the voting date and candidate is announced. According to our church's bylaws, as far as any additional staffing hires outside of the lead pastor role, it is the responsibility of the next lead pastor to hire additional staff and those positions are not voted on by the congregation or any board.

Currently, there is an e-mail address that you can use to contact the search committee. it is: pastoralsearch@wog.church

Thank you for your prayers and support of our outgoing pastors and continued support for our church family as well!

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