• Derik Armstrong

Intentional Change

I thought for our first Word of Grace blog post this topic would be appropriate. We cannot avoid change in our lifetime. Think about everything that is natural; nothing stays the same. Everything evolves, corrodes, or gets better but nothing…and I mean nothing truly stays the same. The only guarantee is that things will change.

If change is so natural, then why do we struggle with it so much? I don’t believe the change is as difficult as we have been led to believe that it is. The biggest issue that I believe makes change difficult is when those changes are a surprise or when they don’t go according to plan. Now I understand that you cannot control every situation that change brings but there are some things you can. That is what I want to write about today. Intentional change.

While unintentional change can be stressful, intentional change can be very rewarding. I am talking about when you change on purpose. Intentional change starts with a vision beyond where you are and taking steps in a forward moving direction to get there. Notice I didn’t say that you need to take the “right” steps but rather you actually take a step. Sometimes the first step is a wrong one. You do not have to be perfect when it comes to intentional change, you just need to take a step. If you take a step, you might get it wrong but if you do nothing, you will guarantee you’ll get it wrong. Remember, we learn more from our failures than we do our successes.

God desires for us to be intentional in our pursuit of Him. As we pursue God, we learn things that God values that may be out of sync with our value system. When we learn that we aren’t aligned with the way God sees something, we can either do nothing or get intentional about changing. Most of the time we don’t need to be told what we need to change, we just lack the motivation to do so or awe dread the work we see coming our way. Intentional change is just that…it is work. It is tough when we change because that means we are going to need to say “yes” to things we weren’t saying “yes” too before and we are going to have to say “no” to things we have been conditioned to saying “yes” too.

The shift comes when we determine that the sacrifice is worth the end result. The sacrifice may be temporary or it may be a complete lifestyle change. All of these can be good and help us and others to grow. There is a greater “yes” that God is calling you too but to make those changes, you are going to need to be intentional. What change is God calling you too?

Galatians 6:9 “9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

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