We value connection at WOG because we believe we are truly better together. These connection steps will help you grow in your walk with God to become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus growing to
love God, love people and serve the world.


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"There is no greater message to be heard than that which we call the gospel. But as important as that is, it is often given to massive distortions or over-simplifications. People think they're preaching the gospel to you when they tell you, "you can have a purpose to your life", or that "you can have meaning to your life", or that "you can have a personal relationship with Jesus." All of those things are true, and they're all important, but they don't get to the heart of the gospel.

The gospel is called the "good news" because it addresses the most serious problem that you and I have as human beings, and that problem is simply this: God is holy and He is just, and I'm not. And at the end of my life, I'm going to stand before a just and holy God, and I'll be judged. And I'll be judged either on the basis of my own righteousness, or lack of it, or the righteousness of another. The good news of the gospel is that Jesus lived a life of perfect righteousness, of perfect obedience to God, not for His own well being but for His people. He has done for me what I couldn't possibly do for myself. But not only has He lived that life of perfect obedience, He offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice to satisfy the justice and the righteousness of God.

The great misconception in our day is this: that God isn't concerned to protect His own integrity. He's a kind of wishy-washy deity, who just waves a wand of forgiveness over everybody. No. For God to forgive you is a very costly matter. It cost the sacrifice of His own Son. So valuable was that sacrifice that God pronounced it valuable by raising Him from the dead, so that Christ died for us, He was raised for our justification. So the gospel is something objective. It is the message of who Jesus is and what He did. And it also has a subjective dimension. How are the benefits of Jesus subjectively appropriated to us? How do I get it? The Bible makes it clear that we are justified not by our works, not by our efforts, not by our deeds, but by faith, and by faith alone. The only way you can receive the benefit of Christ's life and death is by putting your trust in Him, and in Him alone. You do that, you're declared just by God, you're adopted into His family, you're forgiven of all of your sins, and you have begun your pilgrimage for eternity."

-R.C. Sproul





Baptism is a significant step in your journey as a believer in Christ. It is a decision to publicly declare you have been reborn and are new in Christ. Baptism does not save us from our sins but it is a mark of obedience to Christ by identifying what He alone has done in us!

Baptism is like a wedding ring. We are no more married to our spouse because of the ring but it publicly lets everyone know that my heart belongs to someone. 

We believe that in order to be baptized one must:

1. Have put their faith in Christ alone as their hope of salvation by repenting of sin, confessing Christ as Lord, and trusting in Him alone. 

2. Be able to share your "testimony" or story of how you became a follower of Jesus and accepted His free gift of grace.

3. Have watched the baptism class videos talk about information on baptism, so you know if you are ready to be baptized!




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The next connect step is to get plugged into a community group! We all need to grow a disciples of Jesus and at WOG we believe discipleship happens best in the context of relationships. 

We desire to be a church made of various groups of people from all different backgrounds who grow together in loving God, loving people and serving the world. 




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The Next Move is a class for those who are looking to become members at

Word of Grace, or if you are just interested in learning more about who we are as a church,

The Next Move is for you.


These classes are video-based, so that means that you can take them anytime,

anywhere, and at your own pace. 


Once you have watched all classes, you can fill out the Membership Application 

to become a member and if you want to serve on TeamWOG


*Click the link below to start the class online!

If you would rather attend a live class, click on the button to the events page and there you will find our upcoming New Members Class

TeamWOG is the way we serve at Word of Grace because we believe we are better together! We have a dedicated Mission: To unify team members as they make an impact for God's kingdom at Word of Grace. We do this by serving together, growing together, and enjoying fellowship with one another.

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We grow in understanding God's heart when we lead the way with generosity. We give financially to not only support the work of the local church and ministries all over the world but also because we want to honor God with our finances.

Giving at WOG is easy. You can give online one-time or set up recurring giving.

Thank you for your generosity!