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At Grace Kids we are dedicated to partnering with parents to lead children to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Through age-specific lessons, activities, and small groups, ages 6 weeks-5
th grade learn biblical truths and real-life lessons in a creative and relevant way they can apply to their lives every week.

We know introducing children to faith can feel confusing, and navigating life and faith with kids can be overwhelming. How do you know if you're getting it right? Do you wonder if you're saying the wrong thing? At Grace Kids, we believe that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences. The Church + Home = Greater Impact.

We love partnering with families to raise great kids. No matter their age, we have a plan to help every child discover the next step in their relationship with Jesus by Loving God Loving People and Serving the World
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We hold your child's safety, as well as their spiritual development, in the highest regard.


These are the steps Grace Kids takes to ensure that your child is receiving intentional biblical teaching as well as loving guidance from the class team members:


Our team members have all completed a background check.


Our check-in system ensures that children are only released to the person who checked them into the service. Our Grace Kids Crew team members ensure that no one enters the children's classes without a check-in sticker or team member lanyard.


We maintain a safe ratio of children to teachers.


We enforce the childcare standard 24-hour sickness rule.




We open check-in 20 minutes prior to each service.

All guests and Word of Grace members will go to the Grace Kids Welcome Center to the right of the entrance doors and will be asked to fill out a Grace Kids Family Registration Card. There, the guardians will receive a name tag for each child as well as alpha-numeric check-in stickers. These check-in stickers will all share a common alpha-numeric code. These tags serve two purposes:


  1. Parent Paging: If a child has a medical or behavioral issue, you will receive a text message with their sticker number displayed. This alerts guardians that their assistance is needed, and that they should return to the appropriate classroom. We ask you keep your phone on vibrate in your pocket so you can be reached.

  2. Safety: Guardians must present their portion of the check-in tag when picking up their child. Children will not be released to any adult without matching check-in tags.


If you plan on visiting Grace Kids for the first time, you can download our Grace Kids Family Registration Card, fill it out and bring it with you.



Grace Kids classes are broken into age groups. Here are specifics for each age group:

6 weeks - 23 months: Seeds

2 years - 3 years: Seedlings

4 years - Kindergarten: Sprouts

1st grade - 5th grade: Roots



Pick up requires the guardian portion of the check-in tag received during check-in at the Grace Kids Welcome Center. Guardians will show their tag to the Grace Kids Crew Member greeting at the door. The leader will then match the numbers and release the child to the parent. Upon check-out, guardians can pick up family resources that we hope will help them follow up with their kids about what was discussed in Grace Kids.



Interested in joining our Kids Crew Team?


We would love to have you serve alongside us in GraceKids to lead kids to love God first, love people well, and know what it means to serve the world around them!


We believe that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences. The Church + Home = Greater Impact.


Our vision is to lead kids in taking the next step in their relationship with Jesus while partnering and resourcing families with the tools needed to continue discipleship at home.


We strive to build a team of leaders who can facilitate an excellent experience in all our kids classes.


We mobilize team members to serve with excellence.


What are our expectations from Kids Crew Team Members?


  • Have FUN! In Grace Kids we believe in having fun, sharing the gospel, and discipling in creative ways through relationship with our kids, families, and team members.

  • Arrive promptly 35 minutes before the service start time to participate in team huddle and ready your area for the smiling faces that look forward to seeing you! 

  • Commit to serve at least twice a month - attend a gathering and serve in a gathering. Remember, at Word of Grace we believe we are contributors not consumers, it's about sharing what God has give you.



What are our training and policy requirements?


  • Attend The Next Move Class

  • Complete the Word of Grace Membership Process

  • Complete the Team WOG Application 

  • Background Check (completed through Word of Grace)

  • Complete the Grace Kids Orientation Training




Join the Kids Crew Team!